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Ferries to Kefalonia (Greece) - Bac pour Céphalonie (Grèce)
Traghetti per Cefalonia (Grecia)

There are many ferries connections to Kefalonia from other ionian islands, continental Greece and Peloponnese. Except ferry line to Zante (Zakynthos), which is open betwwen middle of May to middle of October, all the lines are actives all around the year.
Prices for local connections are between 60 - 100 Euros for cars and 16 - 32 Euros per person adult (return tickets), depending of the during of the trip.

Patras (Peloponnese) - Sami (Kefalonia)

Kyllini (Peloponnese) - Poros (Kefalonia)

Astakos (Continental Greece) - Sami (Kefalonia)

Vassiliki (Lefkada) - Fiskardo (Kefalonia)

Agios Nikolaos (Zakynthos) - Pessada (Kefalonia)

Vathy / Pissaetos (Ithaki) - Sami (Kefalonia)
Ionian Pelagos Lines Astakos (continental Greece) - Sami (Kefalonia)

Strintzis Ferries, Ships Kefalonia & Heptanisos have a daily connection between Sami and Patras.
Ionian Ferries, Ships Dionysos Solomos & Andreas Kalvos, have a daily connection between Poros and Kyllini.
Ionian Pelagos Lines (ex-Consortium of Lixouri), Ships Ionian Pelagos, Xanthoula & Vassos have a daily connection between Sami (Kefalonia) - Pissaetos (Ithaki - Ithaca) and Astakos (continental Greece) all year round and a summer daily connection between Pessada (Kefalonia) and Agios Nikolaos (Zakynthos - Zante) and between Fiskardo (Kefalonia) and Vassiliki (Lefkada - Leucade).
West Ferry (ex-Four Island Ferries / Tetranisia), Ship Captain Aristidis, have a daily connection between Vassiliki (Lefkada - Leucade), Frikes (Ithaki - Ithaca) and Fiskardo (Kefalonia).

More information about how to come to Kefalonia

Be aware in case of online booking: it's a good advice to make a pre-paid reservation, and then print your tickets at the port of departure.
If your vehicle is a rented car and you don't know yet the number of your plates : write "RENTAL". Don't forget to declare to the car rental company that you entend to travel with a ferry, cause of the insurances.


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