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Avithos means bottomless in Greek ! This beautiful and pretty long sandy beach has a deep seabed but it's a perfect place to spend a nice morning.
The beach of Avithos is the one closer to the picturesque villages of Kourkoumelata and Kaligata in the South-West region of Livathos. To reach it, you have to follow a signed road among green fruit and olive gardens. Until the midday, there is some shadow due to the height of the hills behind you. You and your children will enjoy the fine golden sand and the clean water. Avithos has a nice view on the very near rocky islet of Dias. This small island hosted an antic temple devoted to Zeus (Dia in Greek). Today, an orthodox chapel is build on the same spot. Each year, there is a pilgrimage by boats to honour Saint Diotissa.
Regularly, among few other beaches of Cephalonia, Avithos wins the famous "Blue Flag" given by a Danish non-profit organisation. As a result, the beach is still clean and is equipped with shower, WC, a beach hut, deck-chairs and umbrellas, lifeguard and life belts. Moreover, there are a (small) parking lot with a picnic kiosk, two restaurants and a snack-bar on the beach. Like all beaches in south-western Kefalonia, Avithos can be very windy. In this case, don't swim far, because streams could sweep you away. Finally, that's it : a well equipped beach at a human-size and at the same time not crowded !

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