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Myrtos: do we still need to present this beach which can be seen on the cover of every guide book and on the first page of every web site concerning Cephalonia and which even the most modest inhabitant considers to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece ?
In fact, we do ! Whenever somebody passes from the road above the beach, he cannot resist the temptation to stop at one of the various posts that have been especially designed in order to admire the wonderful view and colours that this beach offers. Just try the one on the north side. The beach with its bright white colour has an almost perfect semicircular shape surrounded by impressive rocky cliffs. The sea can show at least two different faces depending on the wind. If there is no wind, the water is clear and light blue. If, on the other hand, the wind God comes for a visit, you will have the chance to see a wide variation of blue colours.
In August, you will need to be patient since the beach is crowded and sometimes you will have to leave your car some kilometres above it. However, a clever one direction system will help you arrive at the parking lot.
When you reach the beach you will be happy to see that there are not any constructions in cement since it is prohibited but there is a bar , showers, parasols and sunbeds for rent and a bay watch tower. In case there are big waves, make sure that the red flag is not waving before you enter the sea. In any case, don't swim beyond the limit. The sea is very deep which explains the beautiful colours of the water. The stream moves the white pebbles that are on the seabed which makes them rub one another and lose some of their colour so the water seems creamy. In fact , swimming at Myrtos may make you feel like Cleopatra swimming in milk (if you are a woman, of course). Try putting your head in the water just to listen to the famous sound of Myrtos.
The beach is very big so you are always sure to find a place to put you things without having to lie side by side with people you do not know. One last precaution: if you like playing with the waves, be careful because they are always ready to play with you!

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